[CLOSED] Universal Division Blacklist Appeal

Username: ddbr2d277
Discord ID: 242089891465265164
Discord Tag: Thejoker2229#0664
Ban reason: Divisional Disrespect

I was blacklisted maybe a year or two back, by Sinking_Bray, for divisional disrespect. It was a first offense, with no warning about divisional disrespect before they posted a permanent unappealable universal blacklist. I believe, since this person handled the blacklist personally, and was the person on the receiving end of the disrespect, they handed down a harsher sentence than necessary. I also would like a second chance, as the Republic law states that divisional disrespect is a 2 WEEK universal blacklist, not perm and unappealable.
I would like another chance so I could rejoin the 327th. At the time of the situation, I WAS NOT in the 327th, I had been removed 1-2 months prior via reforms.
I apologize for my actions, as I now know the words I spoke were wrong.

Hi there,

This is not where you appeal divisional blacklists, please go to the person who assigned it to you. You can check this on the trello.

Status: Denied :x: