[CLOSED] Universal Blacklist for misunderstanding of my accounts name


Username: Hereticrobe
Discord: Hereticrobe_GMT+1#6715
Discord Id: 743481473754988595
Ban reason: Alternative account usage


Hi my name is Hereticrobe. I joined GAR and joined this division and when they gave me my roles, they did the “/update @Hereticrobe” but when they pinged me it showed my name as “TTV_Mistakez112” This name was the name I made this account with and when I joined GAR I couldn’t change my name to Hereticrobe. When I go into server profiles on discord it doesn’t allow you to change your username due to the settings of the discord (GAR). My account isn’t an alt. The numbers on my account are the same which is #6715 you can see. Same profile picture. (Changed now)

Hi there,

Not sure what you’re trying to appeal, because your account is not banned from the GAR Discord. If you want to appeal a blacklist, speak to the person who blacklisted you in DMs.

Status: Unfounded :no_entry: