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[CLOSED] Unban request for discord and divisions/apologies to hicom


Username: Rickveurtjuhhh
Discord: RVDV
Discord Id: #3897
Ban reason: Massping


The before story: a few months ago me and some friend were messing around. not much later my friend was about to go to the jail until i killed the Coruscant gaurd. The Coruscant gaurd was telling me on Discord that it wasn’t okay what i did but i decided to be toxic to him. because i was toxic to him was I punished by Hicom. I needed to make a apologize. i didn’t want to do it and thought i was funny to mass ping.

Apologize: What i did was bad and i really screwed it up. Im really sorry for everything what i did wrong that night. I had much fun playing on Coruscant and i want to have that fun again. May i have a second chance? I will be very active and i learned from my faults, don’t disrespect anyone.

Hi there,

You’ve been unbanned. Do not let this happen again.

Status: ACCEPTED :white_check_mark: