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[CLOSED] Unban From Divs Qryzc


Username: ( Qryzc )
Ban reason: ( Being on CCR )


( I was recently banned for being on CCR I am not a clanner nor understand what this means I would like to get unbanned I did not cheat in anyway shape or form I will do a PC check if needed GAR has been my family for 8 Months and I am Unsure of what I did and what is happening I have tried appealing on CCR but I don’t understand the system and it was denied I am not sure if I have to wait a Specific amount of time to appeal I would like some assistance on this topic if possible as I love this game and its hurting being banned from something I love for nothing I’ve done Please help. )

Hi there,

The only reason you’ll get unbanned in GAR is by appealing on CCR. We cannot do anything for you if your appeal to CCR hasn’t been approved.

Status: DENIED :x: