[CLOSED] Unban for XXxFryteqqX


Username: XXxFryteqqX

It happened around the end of May on the Coruscant Guard tryout. I had huge problems with a certain phase of this tryout, I mean questions, I thought that the so-called “Remote Spy” would help anything … but it only ruined my career in GAR, i was dumb because i tought “Remote Spy” is a thing to see others chat but its worse… I understand it is not the fault of this cheat but mine, I should not life never doing… When I got banned I had some trouble coming to terms with it… after being banned I had trouble controlling crying etc… I really regret what I did, not because I spent thousands on this great game … but because you have a great community to which I became too attached… I made the biggest mistake in my life… I would like to fix it somehow, I love your community and game and everything else related to this great community, these are not texts just to get me unbanned… only I really attached myself to your community, I really miss some momments in this community very much at some point and I would like to repeat them, but I am very afraid that it will not happen… I will regret and regret what I have always done… it will never happen again, but it will never happen again… I beg you and please on my knees… To unban my account… With the utmost respect: XXxFryteqqX

And biggest apologizes from: XXxFryteqqX

Since this category is managed by one person, you may dm RainyLofi#0001 JUST a link to this appeal and it will receive response a follow-up when possible.

Hi there.

Your appeal has been accepted and you’ve been unbanned. However, do this once more and you will be permanently banned with no chance of appealing.

  • Axel