[CLOSED] Unban for JBL1908 (Exploting)


Username: JBL1908


Before i used exploits i was in 187th and i discharged for RC.
I used exploits, because RC was in the Moment for me really hard.
You should unban me because I learned my lesson it was a big mistake.I will never use exploits again, i already deleted the Exploit program.

Thank you for your appeal, though at this time your appeal has been denied. If you’re unsure as to why we’ve denied your appeal, please review the below;

  • Lack of information in relation to the infraction; if you wish to have your Community ban lifted, you need to add additonal information in regards to your ban, alongside why you deserve to be granted access to the Community once again.
  • Immense lack of sincerity; if you’re exploiting within an official event then an apology is expected due to yourself causing a disturbance, alongside violating ROBLOX ToS.

Appeal Status: Denied :x: