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[CLOSED] Unban Appeal For Discord Server


Username: Canadian_Hoss
Discord: #2144
Discord Id: #2144
Ban reason: Banned for Promoting an older server to one of the mods.


I’m really sorry for what I did and it wont happen again. I was being stupid and didn’t think of what would happen to me. I never wanted this to happen, I was just being dumb. I really wanna get unbanned so that way I can do tryouts and become a divisional. I’m really sorry and I can assure you that it WILL NOT happen again. I don’t own any servers anymore so I won’t be promoting anything to any other mods. I really do wish that whoever is reading this considers unbanning me because I truly am a good person and a I wish for is an unban. I really do apologize for what I did. I’m sorry. It will not happen again. I promise. Just please consider unbanning me. Thankyou for reading this (Even though you most likely had to).

Can someone please respond to this? :frowning:

Hi there,

There is no history of an individual called Canadian_Hoss in GAR. Recheck your discord username and ID. Also provide your roblox username in your next appeal.

Status: DENIED :x: