[CLOSED] Unabnned from 7th Sky Corps


Username: OfficialScript_Dev
Ban reason: Reason: Left while in INDOC
Assigned by: Cobra72040


I believe I should be unbanned from the 7th sky corps, as it was my first time being in a division and I was not sure how they worked, if I remember I think after the 7th tryout I went to a 327th one as I was unaware that you could not be in them both, then at the end of the 327th tryout I was told to choose which one, then leave the other. I did not know I had to be in 7th for 3 days before I was allowed to ask for discharge. I would love to be unbanned from this so I am able to rejoin 7th as it was my first division I was ever in.

Hi there,

Game & Community appeals is not the place to be appealing a division ban. For that, you should go and talk to that division’s leadership.

Status: DENIED :x: