[CLOSED] Two people spawn killing


Reporter username: Alavuss
Reported user: laricciacia , mox86654321

Count Dooku and Recon Commando start spawn killing me, but earlier i had some bullying with RC guy what i didn’t recorded. He just killed me when he has seen me with his golden minigun. If i raiding other some troopers and i being terminated, He has came to me and tbagged me some times. At this what i recorded RC with dooku started killing me in apartaments and it was some battle. A bit later this come into my apartament when this two guy started spawn killing me in apartament, but i tried to protect yourself, and this rc guy keep saying ‘‘LETS TALK’’ I WANNA TALK’’ But i don’t want to because he tbagged me earlier and called me dumb a few times. When i finally escaped from my apartament into the entrance, this rc has came to me and when he start talking, he just killed me and called me dumb 2 times, tbagged me.

Some proof: robloxapp 20220806 1309484 - YouTube

Very disappointing of that RC

Hey there.

After closely reviewing the proof, I have decided that this is not considered direct SK since you were also killing them within your spawn area, as well as outside. I have forwarded the proof to RC HICOM for them to further review with the RC who was reported. Furthermore, the Count Dooku will be charged with spawnkilling.

Status: Handled :white_check_mark: