[CLOSED] Trying to appeal my GAR discord ban

Username: ( GabeBigboy21 )
Discord: ( GabeBigboy21 )
Discord Id: ( GabeBigboy21#2903 )
Ban reason: ( Alt account)

The real reason for my ban was for account sharing but the ban says it was for alt account.

( I’d like to start off to say that, this event, happened more than a year ago, and I have had enough time to review my past actions and mistakes, and I want to prove myself by giving me a second and last chance to prove I won’t do any mistakes this time, or any time anymore.

About a year and a half ago, I gave my friend my account for him to pass a division tryout for me, because I was too lazy to do it myself, when I did this, I was reckless with my actions, not really knowing what was wrong or right. Now, I know and understand why everything I did is completely wrong and unacceptable, and my punishment was well deserved.

I now fully understand why account sharing is a serious crime within the GAR community, it’s a dishonorable way to achieve anything in the group, like making somebody else that’s not me to pass a division tryout for me, since it proves their skill and not mine, to see if I’m fit for the division or not. I am here to inform that I won’t ever let someone use my account to do anything for me ever again, this includes any of my close friends or anybody. I understand that I should be tried out with my own skill, not somebody’s else.

I was not that young, not that old either when I did this, and now it has been more than enough time for me to evaluate my actions, and understand why I was punished, I completely deserved all punishments applied to me, and will make sure none of anything I did in the past happens again within my future GAR career.

I just wish for a second and last chance for me to prove myself worthy of being able to rejoin GAR, GAR has been one of the most important groups in all of my gaming career, not just roblox, I really enjoyed GAR, and vow to follow all GAR rules, forever. If I’m given a second and last chance, I’ll make sure you guy won’t regret unbanning me for my previous actions.
[9:45 PM]
I just hope to be able to have a career in GAR one more time, to prove myself worthy, and to prove that I now won’t commit the same mistake twice.

-GabeBigboy21. )

:white_check_mark: Accepted. I believe you have served enough time for your punishment, and you gave a thoughtful apology. - exucuteF