[CLOSED] Trooper TKs me for no reason


Reporter username: Brady_Hansson
Reported user: jcamgre12


I was standing at a post when a random trooper that ive never seen before comes up to me and says that I killed his friend. I hadnt killed anybody in the server up to that point so he must have mistaken me for somebody else. This trooper had shot me multiple times beforehand, so I told him to stop shooting me or id report him. He then replied with… “this isnt shooting” then proceeded to kill me with a lightsaber(as shown below)


Hi there,

Thanks for your report. I have looked into the evidence provided and deemed no action necessary.

Team Killing is an offense not handled on the forums. You should report in-game law breaking offenses to an in-game Officer or Coruscant Guard member.

I’m sorry if this incident caused any inconvenience whatsoever.

Report status: Handled :white_check_mark: