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[CLOSED] Trooper TKed 501st personal (me) 3 times


Reporter username: GearsEseLf
Reported user: Boothetiger123456


It was a normal day on coruscant, and I was chilling at border. Then a random trooper came and started pushing me repeatedly and I told him to post. As soon as I told him that he Imminently pulls out his blaster and kills me before I could react, and he ran away after. So, I came back to border to chill with sergeants and when I was on discord checking for events, he kills me again and runs away. So, since I already know he’s going to get reported I decided to get proof to report him for ting a divisional. So, when he came again to kill me the 3rd time, I took a ss (first image) so I can have proof to report me for tking. After he killed me the 3rd time, he got banned for tking, I have my evidence for reporting him now to forums. So, these images are proofs that h tked me 3 times before he got banned. They may not be the best evidence because the 2nd image I didn’t expect him to kill me again. Please do something about this and punish him for his actions.


Sir, I’m pretty sure you need a video for this type of report.

If he got banned by the system then he already lost his power and kicked for 5 hours so I don’t think they’ll do anything else.

You need a video for the better evidence

Hi there,

I need a video for this.