[CLOSED] Trooper spawn camping me and constant TKing


Reporter username: ( Kyranpred )
Reported user: ( fratachi )


( They were RKing and TKing so I shot them once, they died because they were low then proceeded to spawn camp me and constantly kill me and anyone near me, being super toxic at the same time. )


( I have proof, DM me at KP#5306 for the proof since I can’t send it here and cannot change the way of recording it. )

Hi there,

Thanks for your report. I have looked into the evidence provided and deemed no action necessary.

RK/TK is an offense not handled on the forums. You have to report TK/RK to an in-game officer/coruscant guard member.

Sorry if this caused any inconvenience.

Report status: Handled :white_check_mark: