[CLOSED] Trooper RKing me


Reporter username: Swagl2004
Reported user: Hwojabo


Literally went to line up and just rked me. I am reporting him on rking


Roblox 2022 09 30 20 23 05 - YouTube - This short video is of me actually getting rked

Roblox 2022 09 30 20 22 55 - YouTube - this video is basically showcasing how I am not framing him, you can clearly see that I have just spawned and travelling to border. you can tell this video is just before the other video (which actually has the evidence) because the health bar is consistent. Basically just giving this video to show its not framed and it actually was just rking.

Hi there,

The reported user has been properly punished for random killing, thank you for your report.

Status: Handled :white_check_mark: