[CLOSED] Trooper being racist to randoms


Reporter username: ( merry_marauder989 )
Reported user: ( Xevixx )


( User was being racist to immigrant by calling him a "monkey, ape, and the N-word )




I was witness to this username: [V1r91n_ki113r], I can confirm that Xevixx later apologised after the incident and they became friends.


I am the victim in this report (GioroGiovanniESQ), the Incident occurred when I entered the questioning booth and informed one of the troopers I was a black man in real life. I believe this user was (Gamerfop80) he then wanted to detain me and informed the reported user (Xevixx) along with other troopers to kill me repeatedly. This was highly racist and I have never experienced such racism in my life. There was a trooper (Bomx01) who was really helpful and protected me from the killing, I would like to publicly thank him for his service and kindness. The game needs more players like him. There were also some other members that helped me and protected me which I would also like to thank but have forgotten there names.

In regards to the offender (Xevixx) although he followed me around and called me slurs such as ‘black ape’, ‘nixg’ , ‘Monkey’, ‘Blacki’, along with other comments. After all this he was remorseful for his actions and apologised to me. I have accepted his apology and believe that he does not deserve a severe punishment. The other offender (gamerfop80) refused to apologise and instead left the game when he was confronted by me and the good trooper (Bomx01). Unfortunately, I was not able to record properly so I could produce the evidence required to incriminate the accused persons. However, this is factual evidence and other members that were present in the game can attest to the incidences that have taken place. I am not sure the stance that this game has on racism but I believe the moderators can inform the users accordingly to what they believe is the best upon a reasonable judgement.


Thank you for making this report I highly appreciate your care and support! Hopefully, this can improve the overall stance on racism in this game that occurs amongst users.



Even if there is evidence, I cannot ban him from the game; all I and you can do is report him to the ROBLOX Staff Team.

Report Status: Unfounded :no_entry: