[CLOSED] Trooper AFK Farming


Reporter username: LaSofiXdXd2
Reported user: CaptionJayJay05


I dont have Video proof but i have 2 ScreenShots between 10 minutes.


First minute

10 minutes

Also i got 1 more TK wanr because there was a corp RKing (I dont have proofs).

Hi there,

Thank you for your report.
It seems that there is not enough information provided for me to look into this matter.

Please reply to this post with full details of the incident and proof of it’s occurrence.

As of now, this report is being placed on hold. You will have 24 hours to respond to this post, after which it will be automatically closed.
Please feel free to submit another report, and I’m sure another member of Staff will be happy to assist you.

Those evidences are invalid because I do not see the name of the person on the second screenshot.

Report Status: Pending :construction:



The only thing that i have to say is that he was making Afk farming for Ten minutes. There was no divisional to ask him to T him, Also you can see the time that he was farming in "Time Spend In-Game: 0:14 and 0:24, i dont have Video proof.

They say that two screenshots with a time gap of 10 minutes should be enough for a punishment.

Which you did do, I think you have enough evidence.

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