[CLOSED] Troop rk immigrant


Reporter username: 32tankmaster
Reported user: Yroc5379


So basically it all started when this droid wanted to rob the bank for money for weapon,I of course said no but his friend who was a troop,now i dont remember this part that well,so the troop said he can,then we got into an argument which where i killed him i think when he hit me first,then when i was trying to turn on the video knowing he will prob come back and kill me so i tried to have proof to report him for tk but i dont have it so im not reporting him for it,but by trying starting a recording,he sneak attacked and killed me.But also,this guy helped me too,he was the immigrant who got rked,he killed the troop when we were arguing again at then at 1 point the troop attacked him first but he died by the immigrant,then he eventually died by the troop which i have proof so im reporting him for that.Sorry if my description bad,i just wanna report him for the rk and trying to recount the events which i have no evidence so you could say its fake.Also i dont remember the events that well so sorry.



I have reviewed the evidence and decided to not punish the user for Random Killing. This is because the immigrants was Open Carrying when he was not supposed to. Immigrants are not allowed to Open Carry, the immigrant was warned first before getting killed as well.

Status: Denied, invalid report :x: