[CLOSED] TKing while I'm in Yoda morph


Reporter username: (Rick007110)
Reported user: (mikmak1354)


So basicly I saw him telling someone to post while he’s a specialist, I said “Posting people while you need to post yourself??” and he decided to team kill me with double lightsabers. After that he found me again and killed me yet again. Somehow the second time it didn’t record so I only have a screenshot of the logs.

I know TK is handeled by the ingame system, but when you are in Yoda morph and someone TK’s you, they won’t get any warning. They can basicly TK you an unlimited times. That’s why I report it here. :slight_smile:



Hi there,

At this time I have gone ahead and done the needful.

I’d like to express my thankfulness once more as your report is what allows our community to grow and be an enjoyable experience for all.

Status: Accepted :white_check_mark: