[CLOSED] TKing as GAR then Off duty raiding


Reporter username: ( Mr_poopcakes )
Reported user: ( Nuggets_YT67 )


( Describe why you are reporting the user )
TKed as a trooper and blinded me then off duty raided


( Attach any materials which would prove the player has abused )
|link of him raiding| https://youtu.be/MK3z2Lnmakg |link of him as GAR| https://youtu.be/aYDtTcAn250

Bruh why you said “exploiter”?

they wouldnt die i didnt see them use any force powers

In the video it showed hes not even in GAR.

did you look at both videos?

Nuggets used alter when you was not looking at him.

Hi there,

You should inform an IN-GAME Officer/Coruscant Guard if somebody is RK/TK’ing. RK/TK results as in-game punishment and therefore does not get processed on the forums. The same goes for off duty raiding.

Yet I’m deeply sorry for the incident and inconvenience caused.