[CLOSED] TK and RK by borayca

Data 17/10/2022

Reporter username: 8Kacperr
Reported user: borayca


This boy frist RK 1 boy and shock 1 boy, after this i pointed out to him after he wrote it for a joke, after this he TK me, more in video on Medal, And sorry for my English.

TK: https://medal.tv/games/roblox/clips/F4SysTU8YyA7H/d1337pta3U0E?invite=cr-MSw1Q2QsMTI5MzkyMjY2LA

RK: RK Clipped on Medal

Hi there,

Thank you for your patience, after processing your report and reviewing all relevant information, I have gone ahead and done the needful and the reported user has been punished.

I would like to take the time to thank you for your report, as your contribution is what truly allows our community to grow and be an enjoyable experience for all.

Status: Handled :white_check_mark: