[CLOSED] This trooper is not Posting

Hello i am an Staff serg. and i would like to report a Trooper who is not posting
His name is Clappedby1kid His rank is Trooper
I was walking around when i saw a trooper in the apartment i kindly asked him to Post but he said no than i waited 5 mins and i was trying to contact a Divisional so they can terminate or jail him for his actions also he got so mad once i died and he walked through my body
Here is proof

Hello Agent,

After reviewing your report, there is no set punishment for GAR E4s and under that do not post. If you would like action to be taken in this certain situation, I suggest that you contact any CG personnel that are currently in the server to deal with it. Otherwise, there is nothing else that can be done here.

Nonetheless, thank you for the report.

Report Status: Denied :x: