[CLOSED] This is my last apeel before i quit


Username: ( Thermaes )
Ban reason: ( Ban evasion )


(Hello Devs, Im requsting to get unbanned since i got hacked the problem wasnt in my hand i couldnt handle it.All im saying is please give me a second chance.Even if my crimes are too severe just give me a second chance to prove myself i promise it wont happen again. Each day i regret doing what i did and want to go back but ik you guys wont accept because my crimes are too severe but if you find it in your heart to forgive me then thank you. I will do anything to get unbanned I promise if i get banned i will wait it out this time. Im gonna attend all the ssus if i get unbanned (if i have time). there will be no other apeel. And even if you guys dont accept please atleast give me solutions dont just close the case. Thank you for your time. )
Ps: if this is howard i loved joining your ssu’s cause they were so fun and you werent like that toxic and were also fun to play with.

Pending, remain patient.

Hi there,

After discussion with republic command, we have decided to deny your appeal.

I apologize if this was not the result you were hoping or expecting for.

You are free to appeal in the future.

Status: Denied :x: