[CLOSED] This guy is just being racist


Reporter username: super_slayer7
Reported user: theherobrine167

This guy is calling me a monkey because of my race, not even for a joke just being blatantly racist

How do you change your skin in coruscant?

By changing your skin on your avatar. :slight_smile:

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Makes more sense.

He could have been calling you “monke” for different reasons.

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Don’t see this as a report for the forums only on roblox.

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Says the power hungry guy who kept RKing me for not answering to the name/planet question even though it’s not even an actual rule.

Yeah, because I had been trying to get past the border for almost an hour by that time and that guy kept killing me for not answering to something that’s not even a thing, which really annoyed me.

Who is power hungry, Milo?

Do you normally have your helmet off?

I’m not really power hungry.

No, that was meant for the guy who made this report.

What do you mean by that? I’m an Immigrant lol.

This immigrant is maybe a kid

What I mean?

I think he doesn’t know about saying something and say it’s monkey or something.

I also think that he wanted to say a joke but he got to much trouth the limit.

You can just ignore him. Do not fall for these guys. I hope you understand.

Wasn’t talking to you.

I am not power hungry I killed you because you refused to line up while in the border near the booth and you proceeded to call me a monkey

TheHerobrine was a CG, lol.

Who is lying in order to make himself seem innocent


He could be saying “monkey” with a different meaning, and you had your helmet on when he spoke. Thank you for your report.

Status: Denied :x:

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