[CLOSED] This 41st i think, is ramdom killing me when i ever i tried to kill a raider mass killing eveyone


Username: ( vasilije123987 the 41st username )
Ban reason: ( TK me for killing a raider thats was mass murdering eveyone and hes 41st i think )

look up thats my describe

( i couldnt find the right channel so i am using this one this dude name vasilije123987 )

ingore this thing

also ingore this thing

uhh heres his username i cant sent a clip of him TK me it just wont let me you can DM me in discord for the clip if you don believe me uhh heres the name and tags God666#8669

Hi there.

This report makes very little sense and the proof you provided does not show the 41st committing any crime whatsoever. Furthermore, report any divisional to their HiCOM rather than the forums.

  • Axel