[CLOSED] This 187th player sent me an link with an discord server with sexualism content


Reporter username: ( Rusell7281 )
Reported user: ( LoganTheBoss200 )


( Ok so, this user, sent me this link of discord server with inapropiatte content, which made that when I entered this server by accident, the server hacked me, what he did was send the same link to each of my discord friends and then they already found out about it, all that was because of the damn server, immediately I deleted those links that were sent by the server that hacked me, then I apologized for that moment that happened, now the culprit was LoganTheBoss200 who sent me that shitty link, I’m sure he got in and looks for those servers with inappropriate content I told him that “WHY DID YOU DO THAT”, and he tells me I’M SO SORRY, he deletes the link he sent me and in the end he blocks me. Being honest about this report, I will never enter links or servers with sexual content again and I will be careful next time if a user sends some weird links or servers, I will make sure not to enter that, Thank you, here I send you the evidences. And please dont be anger with this images, im just showing this server what did he invited me, he will need his consequences. )

Sincerely, Rusell7281.


Hi there,

Please notify a discord moderator and explain to them ASAP.

Status: Unfounded :x: