[CLOSED] ThatOneGuyStar Cpban appeal


Username: ThatOneGuyStar
Discord: Pecan Pie
Discord Id: 0453
Ban reason: I broke ROBLOX TOS in game for moving my ROBLOX character behind someone with shotgun.

This all began in game where I was reported by an RC member for acting immature in game and doing what was previously stated above. I was not entirely aware that it was against ROBLOX TOS to do so, and it was only apparent to me that it was after I was cpbanned. Although I did do these things, I wish for my actions to no longer denote my persona. I will be more than happy with taking a blacklist from RC, or even retaining my current cpban. I understand that this is completely unacceptable behavior, and do not at all disagree with the actions taken against me. I do not however, believe that these actions are to be repeated by me.

Hahahahahahahaha stay banned

Hi there,

If you used common sense you would know that what you did is not allowed, especially since the majority of the player base on roblox are under 18.

You are not blacklisted from RC; however, since the ban was applied today I don’t believe it is appropriate for you to return back into the community at this time.

You are free to make another appeal in the future at anytime you want.

I wish you the best with everything.

Status: Denied :x: