[CLOSED] TeamKill Incident


Username: CONINABEAST567
Ban Reason: I lost 5 power because I accidently killed an officer when I thought it was a raider since they had a Jetpack.


I should get my 5 power back because I couldn’t see if the officer who was flying with the jetpack was a raider or not, and I thought it was and I killed them, and also because there were many troops in the way and I couldn’t see where the raider was at.


The officer I accidently killed was OrganisedChaoz

Thank you for your team-kill appeal, though I’m unable to resolve your loss of power. If you’re unsure as to why your power-loss is unable to be revoked, please review the below;

  • There is no direct evidence that you terminated said Officer; if you wish to resubmit an appeal, please send through evidence or contact the Officer you terminated.

Appeal Status: Denied :x:


I don’t even have any evidence because that happened late at night and why would I have something like OBS on at that time

and besides when I tried contacting the officer I killed they didn’t respond at all

Please message the Officer again and direct message myself via Discord (NotDispatch#7958) if you have any further issue with the above.