[CLOSED] Swearing Specialist


Reporter username: Chief_PRO123 (327th Star Corps)
Reported user: In screenshot


Refused to post 5 times and starts swearing. However he purposely tagged half of the word but I am just reporting this just to see if this still counts. This is not the only swearing sentence he has said.


RobloxScreenShot20220316_162134093 (2)

lol listen here kid, first u posted this in the wrong category, second that kind of swearing mods don’t care about, third if someone refuses to post you can’t report them since refusing to post isn’t something you report in the forums. You just get-a divisional to come and post him/her. Pretty sure the admins aren’t going to accept this report.

Also if posting is a reportable offence either way you don’t have enough proof.



Please send player reports to the ‘‘Players’’ section of the forums.

Status: Denied :x:

Kind regards,