[CLOSED] Star wars coruscant permanently banned


Username: ImTheDeathAngel
Ban reason: Hacking on alts multiple times.


After my last appeal failed, I waited almost a month to appeal. I don’t know why I started hacking, even when I knew I wasn’t not going to get punished. I spent 12,023 robux on this game because I like having better guns than everyone else. It is the funniest game I have played, and would really like to get unbanned. I realized after my latest hacking video that I would only make things worst, so I deleted the script. If this appeal gets accepted than I will take down the hacking videos, so it would be like a fresh, clean start. I gained most of my subs from this game and don’t want to stay banned. Also I was banned over 7 months ago, and really think I have waited enough time.


If this fails please tell me why and how to improve to be unbanned.

Appeal Denied - StraleTheLegend23