[CLOSED] Staff sergeant letting immigrants post


Reporter username: slzshy
Reported user: BotanTV99


A staff sergeant was letting immigrants post, after i asked why he did that he killed me.

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I dont see what the big deal is it was probably just for fun like stop trying to waste HICOMs time with something that was probably just a joke when people are being rked tked and being racist like stop just stop

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What the hell is this reply. Rules are rules, and the Staff Sergeant has to obey them.

Ok #1 pipe down shiny #2 Litteraly just drop it your wasting HICOMS time they need to deal with REAL reports not one from a petty little girl probably saying " OOOOO He letting immigrants post" quit being a Karen let it go fun is fun

Do you know what a report is? This is a case of a GAR personnel being immature and disrespectful. For Hicom this is not a waste of time, in fact this is a good thing as it allows the reader to have a full view on the person for future cases.

If your excuse is “He’s having fun” then that’s a clear implication that you think if you have fun while doing something wrong, then you’re not in the wrong. Just think about it.

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And obviously just because someone doesn’t deserve punishment, doesn’t mean it’s not morally wrong.

Seriously let it go you petty child its not a big deal instead why not go ahead and report a rker or tker or do you just like wasting HICOMS time?

Are you ignoring the fact that I said “

Just Shut Up @I_DONT_CARE

ya im good but you can keep dreaming

Hey, no toxicity.

#20 characters.

He literally TKed him…


There is no punishment for that.