[CLOSED] Spreading fake Rumors


Reporter username: Aurora_Ent1ty
( Username of user you’re reporting ) Ghoul_Editz1


Saying GAR is corrupt and how divisionals have too much power.


( Attach any materials which would prove the player has abused )

He isn’t spreading False info, a lot of that is true. He is just stating his opinions to a friend.


stay mad lolol i’m just spitting fax, and it’s my personal opinion so tbh, i really don’t care what you think lol


He doesn’t look like he is talking to you lol not his fault you was nearby while he talked to a friend


This guy isn’t spreading False info, he’s actually telling the truth and he’s just stating things like that to his friend, so leave him alone cause you’re gonna make yourself seem butt hurt.


I dont mean to be rude, but the things he is saying are actually true, at least to an extent.

I would recommend deleting this post as it is only making you look butthurt, and as a divisional, that can’t be good for you or the division you represent.

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It’s their opinion they are allowed to have one, as long as they have proof it isn’t slander so they can’t really get in trouble, please don’t ban him for having a opinion.

Everyone is obligated to their own opinion. Just ignore them and continue to whatever your doing.