[CLOSED] Specialist Random Killed me


Reporter username: Tomo_DJ
Reported user: hfjskhfso


I was just standing in the line and some Trooper was giving me instructions like I already don’t know what to do. He told me to face the front, move up, take out my passport and those basic things everyone already knows. I told him to shut up because I was already doing all of that. Now, I have a right to look in any direction I want, and even though I have that right, the Trooper was telling me to face the front. I listened to him and faced the front, and even though I was facing the front, he was constantly telling me to face the front. Then a Specialist just came and RK-ed me because “I wasn’t listening to their instructions”. If you watch the video below, you can clearly see I was facing the front, took out my passport and doing everything I’m supposed to do. Btw, sorry for bad English, I hope you understand me.


Hey there.

The Specialist has been punished for RK. Thanks for the report.

Status: Handled :white_check_mark: