[CLOSED] Special Agent teamkilling


Reporter username: ( IIIOW_WOIII )
Reported user: ( H1Astro123 )


(Me and a bunch of people where just chilling at the border and he kills everyone and flyes away.)


( https://medal.tv/games/roblox/clips/quePCniw_kNh8/d1337WuUwFxE?invite=cr-MSxZUFIsMjc4MjE0MTMs )

It’s special forces, not agent.

Adding on to what Sid said, he could be an immigrant who was raiding in SF morph. Not every SF is in GAR

He is in GAR, I checked.

But just so you know, SFs get TK warnings. They do not punish for TK here on the forums.

Thank you for your report. This user has been charged with off-duty raiding.

Report Status: Approved/Closed

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