[CLOSED] Spawn killer. Used force choke to move me out of spawn zone to kill me


Reporter username: ( GoldenSwagDragon38 )
Reported user: ( Newiguys135 )


( He was spawn killing me a ton. When he couldn’t kill me because I had just spawned, he used force choke and pulled me out of the spawn zone and killed me there. I also must say, you guys are not doing a very good job about this. I suggest you go and search up Newiguys135 in the search bar for forums, and you will see over 20 reports of SK. You guys “say” it’s all fixed but it really isn’t. This is a growing problem and I think you should stop it. )


( Attach any materials which would prove the player has abused )

I don’t want to get too involved, however, I work alongside Newis and he normally doesn’t terminate Immigrants/Civillians unless you started this first, you probably should’ve attached a video/file of him actually sking you instead of you dying though.

The video attached is him repeatedly being spawnkilled. Newi has also been banned for SK in the past.


I’m pretty sure dying right next to spawn is still considered down killing. I get where your coming from but there’s a ton of people reporting him about this :confused:

I understand, however this is insufficient proof.

I don’t know but there’s a “new life” rule usually used for when raiders come back from dying after robberies. This means they aren’t KOS. Which means if they die and come back, no matter what they did, they can live. This applies here.


He was killed right after spawning. That’s spawn kill.

YESSS, YES!!! This is what I try to say in the game but I still get RKed lol ;-;

Video attached does not load. - Report Denied - CarbonCalculated