[CLOSED] Someone start rking and tking


Reporter username: MatokoNaegiPL26 (trooper)
Reported users: ifwojfwajhfiuyewo9(specialist i guess) and Oliverko258(trooper)


So, I was doing my normal post duties and then i’ve noticed that our fellows are doing something wrong, i came up to them and told them to stop it. I told them that twice and i warned them if they will continue doing that i’m going to record it and finally report them for rking. But then oliverko258 killed me. So i started recording and rest of the situation can be seen in the video below. And if the video won’t open but download please contact with me immediately then i can sent the proof on the discord


Or here:

Thank you for your report, the above users have been dealt with accordingly; if you experience any further issue with the above, or anything similar, don’t hesitate to forward another report.

Report Status: Handled :white_check_mark:


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