[CLOSED] Some unfair banning


Username: ( a_potplatinum )
Ban reason: ( roblox TOS )


It wasn’t even on roblox.

( Describe why you think we should unban you )
You can’t use the reason “Broke roblox TOS” if it wasn’t even roblox TOS.

Roblox & discord TOS are both valid in the discord.

States it here:

invalid as of it can not apply to DMs unless done by the user effected

At this time your appeal has been denied, please review the following if you’re unsure as to why we’ve decided to deny said appeal;

  • Failure to include enough information (and sincerity) to your appeal.
  • ToS breakage isn’t tolerated amongst the GAR Community, and due to the extent of your infraction, your Community ban will remain intact at this moment in time.

Appeal Status: Denied :x:


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invalid job because its not community?

It is both Community and in-game.


ingame is different reason which is this

No, both of your respective bans are listed under the exact same action.


its different for me though

weird its different for me :skull:

weird i didnt even type this?