[CLOSED] Some Guy in GAR is TKing, SKing and RKing

Reporter Username: DevJyrixRBLX
Reported User: SpeedRacer756

Yesterday, I was playing GAR as Immigrant and got random killed alot.

Today, I woke up and looked at the GAR discord, where someone asked me, if I like killing Immigrants, then that guy dmed me and asked me to join his discord server for Random killing in GAR.
(I don‘t know if that counts as DM advertising)

You can also see him saying that they random kill, spawn kill and team kill.

Here are some screenshots of him random killing Immigrants.
(You can see his full roblox name on the first Image)

I also have this screenshot, where he killed my friend boom and you can see my User at players on the playerlist on the top upper right.

I hope this User gets punished and thanks for taking your time to read this, Officer!


If you could send in another report where you have any video evidence of these individuals clearly mass random killing, that’d help us a lot. Although, you could report him to a GAR Moderator for DM advertising.

Status: Unfounded :x:

Kind regards,