[CLOSED] Skers killing at immi spawn


Reporter username: (HappyAbnormal)
Reported user: ( Giorn0g1ovanna, lucklyman453, rh10w )


( Can’t play bc of sk. war is dumb. pretty toxic)


( Screen capture - 2079bb6a0651165d02a4ccb5bee89541 - Gyazo
Screen capture - e7af24c96a399159ca7db10963edba50 - Gyazo
Screen capture - 8c5cf162e3f1453779184e751a3e383d - Gyazo
Screen capture - 7340db30e469e73039aa9469d0e7f395 - Gyazo
Screen capture - fd94e11aafaef4085071ff90ceb10c16 - Gyazo)

Technically in the rules of Gar war sk is allowed and your side did agree to go to war

Also I would like to add you did join to help backup the person who we where fighting in the war so it makes you involved

war sk is allowed + ur side agreed to war

The funny thing is that this guy did it the last time when he declared war on this group called death watch sked them but when they attacked back he reported them

Hi there,

They’ve all been banned, thank you for your report.

Status: Handled :white_check_mark: