[CLOSED] Skers at immi spawn so we defend


Reporter username: ( HappyAbnormal )
Reported user: ( AmeliaCup_Cake, AncientDrax )


( they come to sk us and thats all they do in this game and we have to defend ourselves or leave )


( Screen capture - 79c3fc4f3ce11873aabf0e6806bab18a - Gyazo
Screen capture - fae8bdffb256951e70ae0837c4340167 - Gyazo
Screen capture - 1142cdd6e2cbccc1b3681e46e1a37770 - Gyazo)

Hello there,

Thank you for your report, I’ve gone ahead and punished AmeliaCup_Cake, however, I couldn’t see the other user Spawn Killing in videos that you provided, therefore, he didn’t get a punishment.

Status: Completed :white_check_mark:

Have a nice day!