[CLOSED] ShadowMine16 community ban


Username: ShadowMine16
Ban reason: Breaking ROBLOX and Discord Terms of Service.


( Describe why you think we should unban you )
I believe I should be given a second chance in the GAR community as I have understood that my actions were extremely wrong and disgusting. What I have done, was against the rules and something that should never be repeated. I understand that if I do get unbanned, this will be my last chance in the group and I will be permanently banned with no chance to appeal if I break rules again. I believe I should be unbanned as this was a big mistake and it all happened fast, it was just very poor timing and wording and in the moment it made it seem different, which I understand was very wrong and I should never have even thought about this. I understand if you refuse to unban me as this was a very serious offense and I was in the wrong, however I deserve another chance as I have grown and matured since that time. I did not think that this would lead to serious consequences as I had never in a situation like this before. When I did get banned, I accepted the consequences and moved on with life as I wanted to give it some time to help me change as a person. This had happened over 6 months ago and I sincerely apologize to everyone involved in the situation. Thank you for reading my appeal and have a good day.

If this appeal is denied, I would be grateful if I could receive a reason, so I could do my best to help my appeal next time.

Hi there.

After reviewing the incident, you will not be unbanned and this appeal will be denied due to the severity of the situation.

  • Axel