[CLOSED] Sergeant TK and then attempt to say he clipped


Reporter username: JonLXIX
Reported user: U_gdk052 (Possibly kevincharles07)


In the first part of the video, the corporal (kevincharles07) and the sergeant (U_gdk052) are on the bridge attempting to RK an immigrant who has a bounty on them. I warn them 3 times to get off the bridge, doing a countdown and eventually shooting the sergeant to let the immigrant pass. As I am going back from the bridge the corporal attempts to RK so I killed to prevent. Upon turning around, the sergeant had gone into an SF morph and TKed me.

In the second part of the video I am walking to the bank and the same sergeant is following me, most likely trying to taunt me to shoot them. As I stop at the bank the sergeant/SF shoots around me, again trying to taunt and then they land a hit so I go out to take care of it. After doing so, the sergeant/SF returns saying they clipped to where I replied that I have it too. At the end I do pull up the damage logs and towards the bottom can be seen that they did damage me.

Extra note: I am just posting this now in case they pull that one clip of me killing them and try to say I TK’d.


( Attach any materials which would prove the player has abused )


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