[CLOSED] Sergeant RKed me


Reporter username: coolman679023
Reported user: Swagl2004


Walked to the bank, and the sergeant RKed me.



I didn’t know he respawned. he did it on purpose to frame me ¯_(ツ)_/¯, why do you think he started the recording on the death screen and ran straight to where he knew i was gonna be lol?

I have it recording all gameplay, I clipped it to when I respawned. And, I am always hanging out at the bank. I can see how this was a mistake, but unfortunately I can not delete the topic.

you shouldn’t be hanging out in the bank lol.

Anyone is allowed to be at the bank, just as long as they don’t go behind the booth or into the safe/vault during a robbery.

Reported individual has been punished for Random Killing.

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