[CLOSED] Sergeant Major Rking


Reporter username: ( AlphaWolffe_Cry )
Reported user: ( Skywalkerpants2 )


I was at the first side post to the entrance of the screening room, on main post in front of the immigrants was a Trooper, to his left was a Sergeant Major supervising. Adjacent to me was a Corporal who was also on post. The Trooper whom the Sergeant Major was supervising was asking the regular questions. “Name” “Planet”. Now I know we’re a Star Wars dedicated server but we cant expect our immigrants to know planets or names. They make up reasons. Some said earth, or Ben Solo for names complying with the Trooper. Without hesitation the Sergeant Major gunned them down. (Multiple) After the third Civilian I asked why his answer. “bad answers.” After three more casualties I approached him, said conversation went like so.

“Sergeant Major”
“I think its unfair to kill them for ‘bad’ answers”
“back off nobie”
Without hesitation I complied not wanting a report of some sorts but honestly I would just like higher from our High ranking NCOs.

Proof N/A I am only a Trooper and found out about forums today.

( Attach any materials which would prove the player has abused )

Hi there,

Without any video evidence or just proof in general, I will not be able to take any actions.

Status: Denied :x: