[CLOSED] Sergeant Keeps killed me 3 times as a B1 raider and as a GAR personnel


Reporter username: Sisterlocationfan21
Reported user: POLSK999


As I was attempting to cross the border as a B1 raider, I encountered a person pushing in. Everyone saw this and I told the sergeant and booth operator that he pushed. As the booth operator agreed with me the sergeant kills me and laughs. I go up to him a 2nd time but as GAR. I told him why he did it and he says " because I pushed in " As I cleared said 2 He Pushed in "
then kills me the 2nd time. The 3rd time was On sight for him and he laughs again. There is a staff sergeant in the booth and he is one witness and I’m not sure what the booth operators name was.


As you see he makes it clear he did it.


I’ll need some video proof in order to deal with RK/TK reports.

Status: Denied :x:

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