[CLOSED] Second try to unban my account


Username: ( manyak2890 )
Ban reason: ( I was banned from using a second account) )


( I was banned in community for using multiple accounts.I used a second account because of that year of my birth on the main account was less than 13 and I could not pass in the division.In order for my account to turn 13 years old, I have to wait 1 year. Because of this, I unlinked my main account in the discord and linked my second account.I went to the division many times but due to the fact that the age of my account was less than 13 I could not.Since Coruscant Is my favorite game in which I like the gameplay, players and everything else I want you to ask you to unban my account please. I promise that I will no longer do this and will wait a year for my account to turn 13 years old. I promise you and I will never cheat. I’ll keep my communication as I said. Please understand me. I love this game so much that I couldn’t stop.I am 14. )

Hi there,

I’ve already denied your appeal an hour ago.

I would try again in 2 or so months.

Status: Denied :x: