[CLOSED] Script injection ban appeal


Username: wychillowany


I got banned because I injected a script during 187th’s Combat Training. When I entered the cheats and saw people through the walls, I thought I would show of infront the other members of the 187th division and I thought they would think I was very good at the game. I really regret doing this and I wanted to apologize for it. That ban I got for a game that I liked a lot taught me a lot because I will never touch cheats again because I know that it doesn’t help me, it only hurts me. I would like to rectify my mistakes and ask for a second chance. Once again, I am sorry and I promise you that it will never happen again.

Since this category is managed by one person, you may dm RainyLofi#0001 JUST a link to this appeal and it will receive response a follow-up when possible.

Hi there,

This appeal should be listed under the “Community and Game” section of appeals. I’ve gone and ahead and moved it there.

However, after reviewing your appeal, it is clear you are lacking in sincerity.

So at this time, I will be denying it. You can create another appeal in the future whenever you’d like.

Status: Denied :x: