[CLOSED] Scrip injection


Username: wychillowany
Ban reason: Script injection


I have been banned because I injected a script during the 187th Combat Training. When I entered the cheats and saw people through the walls, I expected to demonstrate dominance in front of the other members of the 187th division, and I expected them to think I was very good at the game, motivating them to train more in combat and making them think that I was very good at combat and PVP. I regret doing this and I wanted to apologize to everyone for it. It made me very sad that I made such a mistake, and I promise you it will never happen again. That ban I got in my favorite game, which I really liked and appreciated very much, taught me a lot, and from now on I will never touch cheats again because I know that it won’t help me, it will only harm me more. I understand my mistakes and I want to fix them. I would like to apologize for my mistakes and ask for a second chance. Once again, I am sorry, and I promise you that it will never happen again. I am committed to returning to this wonderful community and abiding by its rules. The whole thing was a very stupid idea on my part, and I will make sure that it won’t happen ever again. It matters to me because I used to play this game every time I had free time, and now I can’t. I want to come back to this community and play with my friends the game that we all like and appreciate. I am sincerely sorry for all my actions that were against the rules. I want to promise that I will never do that ever again and that I will obey Roblox and GAR rules.

Hi there,

After discussing it with members of the GAR HICOM team, we have decided to accept your appeal.

Any breach of the guidelines set forth by both roblox and the rules and regulations of GAR and you will be community banned again without hesitation and possibly without appealing opportunities.

You are free to rejoin the community.

Status: Accepted :white_check_mark: