[CLOSED] SavageShaIom reporting VoidlesX for AFK farming using a respawning autoclicker


Reporter username: SavageShaIom
Reported user: VoidlesX


So recently I found this guy AFK in game for over an hour. He uses an autoclicker to respawn whenever he is killed by someone or autokilled by the AFK system. The proof of his wrongdoing is described and attached below.


Proof of him being AFK in game for 10+ minutes (note the change in in-game time):

The second image has his position moved a bit, as he was pushed around by other players.

Proof of him using an autoclicker to AFK farm:

And here is his lie in response to my accusations once he finally came out of AFK:

If you look at how quickly he respawned earlier as well as his unresponsiveness when we asked him multiple times if he was AFK, it’s obvious he’s autoclicking the spawn button.

To add to this, look at how much power he has gotten over the past week:
I cannot prove that this was all gotten from AFK farming. I just thought I’d include it.



Hi there,

I’m going to let this one go. He can’t gain any minutes in the spawn unless he moves on his own using arrows or WASD on his own keyboard. And he didn’t admit to AFK farming the points, which complicates matters even more. If you have proof of him being killed and then respawning, I’ll be happy to handle it.

Report Status: Unfounded :no_entry:

See you around!