[CLOSED] Rogue team killing as 501st

Greetings my name is Savage_Opress3 I have been banned for Killing many troopers as 501st I did this because I was very mad at this guy in 501st because he said I wont pass the app and I got pist of this was a while ago and Im very sorry for what I have done I wish to appeal and you guys can give me a nother chance if you do I will NEVER team kill agian on game I really want to play the cool game agian and have fun I beg you to give me a second chance I am really sorry for what I have done

Hi there,

At this time, I have decided to accept your appeal as some time has passed since the initial incident. Please do note any breach of the rules set forth by both the community and ROBLOX will result in your swift removal from the community once again.

Feel free to pend the group, this is your one and only chance.

Status: Accepted :white_check_mark: