[CLOSED] Robloxprogamer123124 - The Man Who Doesn't Stop TKing | Tks


Reporter username: Mild_Parmesan
Reported user: Robloxprogamer123124


Today I will be reporting this man for CONSISTENTLY Tking me. Now when I say the diction ‘consistent’ I do not mean to the point where he is doing it occasionally - I mean it where he is doing it to the point where he is doing it over and over. His friend, Alexmadnes, (Who I have already put a report out on following this incident) believes that his friend has the same rights he does - just for being his friend ; sadly, does not. So this man TK’s me and his friend does nothing about it.

Would love for someone’s help on this!


Guys are toxic to me then one of them kills me | Robloxprogamer123124 - YouTube Here he TK’s me.
Guy TK's me and 501st does NOTHING - YouTube Here he TK’s me, and his friend does nothing about it - as stated above in the paragraph.

Hey there, and thank you for your report.

After reviewing the footage, I was able to rightfully punish the reported user as they were in violation of TK.

Thank you so much for submitting a form. People like you help keep Coruscant a more friendly and peaceful environment. I hope to see you around the border soon.

Status: Solved. :white_check_mark: